Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a dream: she would build her own publishing empire and then sell it for a lot of money and then she would be happy ever after.

But she had the most appalling written style, knew very little about numbers, and was practically illiterate on the subject of keeping a business. She set off to make her dream a reality, but dismissed the idea of doing any remedial work to fix those little details.

She set up an on-line knitting magazine. Then designers began to demand payment for their work, and when she ran out of excuses she got angry, shut down the magazine, and took refuge in her special place while she thought what to do.

She opened an on-line shop where she sold yarn that she dyed herself. But alas! her patronage was very demanding! They demanded good quality for their money, but they got yarn that was not what it claimed to be, yarn that broke at every inch, yarn that was in such a state that it put off people from using it at all. They began to protest and the little girl got angry, closed her shop, and took refuge in her special place while she thought what to do.

Her Daddy came to rescue her and bought the shop. Then she created her own publishing company and started a few magazines. For a while everything seemed to go all right, since she was having the help of professionals who knew their jobs. Then she scared them away and soon people began to complain that she didn’t pay her debts. The printers demanded that their debt be honoured, and to avoid paying she went into voluntary liquidation and took refuge in her special place while she thought what to do.

Her husband bought the business for her, so that she could continue playing with the lives and savings of honest people, which was what she liked to do most. She gave the business a new name, dismissed the debts they left behind, and went on directing everything as if the business belonged to her. Because, you know, basically it did. Because now she owned all the shares of the “new” company.

She hired workers. She paid some. She did not pay some. She took some on (or in) by telling them they would be acquiring work experience. She allocated jobs to people who were not prepared to do them, kept requesting designs that she did not pay for, started paid clubs in which she promised to deliver goods for an amount of money, but took the money and didn’t deliver. People began to complain. The quality of goods and contents of her publications was pitiful. Subscribers didn’t receive the magazines they had paid for in advance. Designers and purveyors weren’t getting the money they had earned for their work. She kept piling lies to protect herself from all those horrible people, and they kept unearthing more and more things that she did, like lying to her employees and taking advantage of her own friends. She kept on starting new publications and clubs, in spite of the fact that she had already incurred in a very large debt. Then she started sending invoices to people who hadn’t requested her services. Then the factoring company that she used for payment made her company go into administration. She took refuge in her special place while she thought what to do.

Her Daddy bought some of the titles she had started.

ETA:  Apparently, this last sentence is not true.  All her Daddy did was to register a new company with the same name as one of her magazines.  Whether he uses it for something, the future will tell.

What a loving Daddy, he cares so much for her daughter that I feel sort of envious. Only… he is not thinking of all the pain she is inflicting with her despicable behaviour. She is driving other people to poverty, but she doesn’t care. She is insulting other people constantly, and she doesn’t care. She keeps losing good friends because she thinks she can take advantage on anybody, and she doesn’t care. What is more, by disrupting normal basic business procedures she is actively sinking the economy of her country. She puts companies at risk by not paying them, which means that the weaker purveyors might incur in debt because they have not received the money they needed to pay for their own debts, in spite of the fact that they have earned it already, and what is more, now they are out of the material, time and effort they used to produce that work. She puts her own workers at risk by not paying them and by tainting them with her own reputation so that it may be very difficult for them to find a job somewhere else. She takes money from her costumers and doesn’t deliver, but that money was hard earned by them and in some cases it is the only money they have available to spend on an extra, so instead of staying home reading they have to stay home and look at the ceiling, because they cannot afford another entertainment.

So, yes, Kerrie Allman, a.k.a. Kerrie Rycroft, you and people like you are actively sinking this country. Are you happy?

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